How I Found the Right Office Space
"SuiteMatch was recently featured on"

Update on shared office space websites
"It is highly focused and doesn’t waste any words, and definitely no pages on extraneous information"

SuiteMatch - Find Shared Office Space
"I love the design of the site - the information is very well presented and the Google Map not only shows you the location of the office space but nearby establishments (coffee, food, etc.). "

SuiteMatch Press Release [PDF]
"Suite victory for entrepreneurs and small businesses seeking space in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco"

New SuiteMatch Widget
"If you are a young business owner, a writer of a business blog that targets the young entrepreneur community, or involved in any aspect of owning a business at a young age, then you owe it to yourself and your viewers to place this widget where they can benefit from it."

SuiteMatch Launches Marketplace for Shared Office Space
"NYC startups could surely use just such a service!"

Find Yourself an Office with
"By renting out unused space within an existing office, both companies can save money and be more productive."