Who is behind SuiteMatch?
SuiteMatch was started by the fine folks at Alwayswater. Hi, nice to meet you.

How much does SuiteMatch cost?
SuiteMatch will only cost you a few minutes of your time. Add a post to list available office space you might have or run and save a search to find the office space you need.

What is shared office space?
When an individual or company with extra offices, unused office space or empty cubicles rents or subleases to another individual or company, we call it shared work space. Think of it as an office within an office.

Posting and renting shared office space with SuiteMatch saves you time, money and more importantly, your sanity.

What is a post?
You have some extra office space. Why not have someone come along and rent/sublease it? Post the details on SuiteMatch and your problems are solved. Have more than one space available? Create as many posts as you would like.

How quickly will my post appear?
As fast as you can hit "save". Once you have added all the details to your post and hit save, your post will be live for all to see. Don't worry if there is a mistake in it...you can always edit the post as well as add photos to enhance its appeal.

Can I add photos to my post?
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, we let you have 5,000 words of photo goodness (that's 5 photos folks). You can even choose which photo appears on the listings page.

Does my post expire?
Each post expires 30 days from the day it is created. Don't worry, we will remind you a few days prior to expiration via email. If you want to keep the post active, you can extend the post for another 14 days.

Can I deactivate an active post?
Sure. If you no longer want to list a post, click on "posts" in your navigation area (HINT: top right of page), find the post you want to deactivate and click "deactivate." Your post will then drop down into a list of inactive posts, ready for you to reactivate if you ever need to post the same office space again.

There's no delete button on my active posts?
If you really want to delete your post, you need to deactivate it first. Once added to your inactive list, feel free to delete away, but why not hang on to that post just in case?

What is a search?
If you are in the need of office space for yourself or your company, simply create a Search. We will scour the database and return all posts that match. View the details of each post as well as related photos. Once your find the one you like, send the "poster" a nice message. Save as many Searches as you'd like. Did we mention this is free?

Why would I want to save my Searches?
Because you're a saver. You save everything, even ATM receipts. Why should SuiteMatch be any different? Saved Searches do two things for you:

  • You will be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of your search that will always be up-to-date with the latest matching posts.
  • Saved searches are easy to run. Simply log in and go.

Who will see my email?
No one. We do not share emails or expose your email in anyway. They only time your email will be shared is if you choose to contact another user regarding a post.